Leeds University vs. Beckett University which is the best

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Leeds University vs. Beckett University which is the best

Leeds University vs. Beckett University which is the best

Aug 30, 2022 02:55 pm Published by

Which is best, Leeds University or Leeds Becket University? 

All across the UK, university rivalries are rife, and it is often the case that institutions located closely together spark up a friendly rivalry. With Leeds University and Leeds Beckett located so closely together, it is no wonder that the rivalry is so intense. Whether this manifests itself on the sports pitch or is debated at the local pub amongst students in a bid to raise self-confidence, the division is always apparent. 

Varsity is a sports tournament that takes place every year in October, and is the main competition that distinguishes the ‘superior’ University. The two institutions go head to head in 50 different sporting events, all building up to the final rugby match at Headingley Stadium, where more than 5,000 students turn up to show their support. 

This particular contest has a great atmosphere and is certain to bring out the competitive nature in all students. Chants and songs are bellowed out by the student crowd with frequency throughout the game, and no matter what the result is on the field, you can be sure that the spectators will provide timely jibes aimed at their rivals throughout the evening. It is always an exciting match and students often use the event to spark a sociable night out together. 

Besides Varsity, another slight division between the two institutions is when it comes to social events. It is sometimes the case that certain social nights out will be marketed at the different Universities, however, most of the time everyone mixes regardless of their ‘side’. 

Remember, when you are out at night it’s not obvious which university you’re from and there tends to be little focus on the rivalry; however if you engage in conversation with people, you could find yourself in a heated debate. So if you’re tempted to go to University in Leeds brace yourself for banter regarding your allegiance and be prepared to stand your ground – in a friendly way, of course! 

Although an exhilarating rivalry, each University should be acknowledged for their achievements as they both triumph in different areas. Leeds Beckett has an excellent sporting department, ranking fifth in the country, while Leeds is a very well respected University and is ranked nationally between 16th and 27th. Together they give Leeds a great reputation and employers would be impressed to see either University on a CV. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat