Tips on getting 100% of your student house deposit back

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Tips on getting 100% of your student house deposit back

Tips on getting 100% of your student house deposit back

Aug 29, 2022 11:55 am Published by

Adiós! Sadly, it’s time to leave and move out of your Rentinc student house. We understand that one of the things you might be most worried about is getting your house deposit back, but there’s no need to panic. We’re here to provide some simple ways to ensure you get your deposit back in full! 

As one of the leading student lettings agents in Leeds, we really do want you to qualify to get your full deposit back. Unfortunately, at times, students in Leeds do not return their accommodation in a good and clean condition which means that we have no choice but to charge for breakages and cleaning. Don’t worry though, if you follow these easy steps, you’ll be sure to have your deposit returned in a flash! Check out our easy-to-follow student guide below. 


A house that is not well-maintained will be a hindrance to getting your deposit back. We understand that a full year of student life can make everything go topsy turvy, but it’s essential that every corner at your property is spick and span before you hand your keys back to the Rentinc office! 

It’s a great idea to start your end-of-tenancy clean early to minimise the workload on moving day. You may also want to allocate a specific room to each housemate as this will reduce the workload and can actually be fun! Put some music on and it’ll be done in no time! 


An undeniable fact: accidents do happen. And let’s face it, who can really get through an entire academic year without scuffing a wall? Those small mishaps aren’t a problem but when items on the inventory get damaged significantly then the agent must pay to get it fixed before the new students arrive. Therefore, please let us know in advance so we can work with you to fix the problem, or if you are able to fix it yourselves – even better! If you have damaged something on the inventory you will be charged for this on your deposit statement. 


Now that every nook and cranny in the house is cleaned, and the furniture is right where it needs to be – it’s time for a double-check. Divide and designate every corner of your house between you and your flatmates. Make sure that you spot any problems before anyone else does. It is better to make sure that everything is sorted than leave it until your move-out property inspection. 

You should also keep your checklist and inventory updated from the very start of the year. Make sure that you go through your checklist in specific detail. It does take time but the effort is worth it – ultimately leading you to get your full deposit back! 

Take advantage of a pre-vacation inspection. Our Property Consultants at Rentinc are happy to come out to your property and take you through the list of things they’re checking for – they are on your side and will help guide you on what needs addressing before you move out. 


We all know that hunger can strike at any time in the day and as students, they are often late-night cravings. Be sure to check under your bed for any empty crisp packets! In all seriousness, all students should take all of their possessions with them when they move out. It’s super kind of you to think you’re leaving an ironing board for the next tenants, but we cannot accept this and it would be treated as rubbish and you would be charged for the disposal. Whatever you do, make sure you clear out everything you own from the house before you leave. 

Throw out your leftovers and clear out your frozen food from the fridge. If you expect that the landlord might devour the last piece of pizza and cheesecake, you’re wrong. 

Don’t stress or panic if you have missed the bin-collection day for your street. Leeds City Council has recycling centres and also tips where you can throw away all the unnecessary stuff. Or why not donate any unwanted items to your local charity shop? They’ll be hugely grateful for any donations! 


Before you move out, make sure all your bills have been paid in full and you tell the utility companies that you’re moving out. Take pictures of the electricity, gas and water metres before you leave so you can prove how much energy you have used right up until the last day of your tenancy agreement. 


Locking up your house should be your highest priority when you leave for the final time. You should also check for alternate ways into your apartment, like a window or a balcony door left open. If you are sharing your apartment with other people, make sure that everyone returns their keys on the same day and at the same time. All keys should be returned to Rentinc’s office on Hyde Park corner in Hyde Park by noon! 


Now all the hard work is done, you can relax! Don’t stress through the move out process – Rentinc is one of the friendliest student accommodation providers in Leeds. We’ll work with you to help you get your deposit back. Stick to this guide and you’ll sail through just fine! We suggest listening to ‘’I’m a survivor’’ on repeat while emailing us your bank account details so we can get your deposit back to you! 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat