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More gaff, less faff

Avoid adulting with our all-inclusive package 

Wave goodbye to responsibility by opting all-inc on your awesome Rentinc pad. We’ll sort all the paperwork, make the phone calls and do all of the budgeting for you. It'll be the best decision you’ll make at uni.

Why go all-inc?

• Live your best life constantly ('cause it'll be easier to budget without yo-yoing bills).

• Put off being a responsible, bill paying adult for longer (we’ll sort everything for you). 

• No more arguing over who still owes for last month’s bills (argue over who should be paying for tonight’s taxi instead).

• No cold sweats over the chance of landing one final mega nightmare bill before you leave (phew!).

Guaranteed - you won’t ever be waking up with regrets in your all-inc dig. *Disclaimer* opting all-inc might be awesome but it probably won’t stop you from making that questionable decision while under the influence. But you’ll be winning at life in other ways – right?

Our package will make your eyes pop!

Here’s what you’ll get when you go all-inclusive:

Gas – we’ll take your meter readings and choose you a solid supplier.

• Electricity – supplier sorted and meter monitored by us, no messing.

Water – you get the gist, we’ve got this for you.

Wi-Fi – speedy 350mb Virgin broadband so you can game, binge, splurge and study right from day one.

Contents Insurance – better safe than sorry! An absolute life saver.

Gardening – if your gaff has got a garden we’ll keep it looking tidy so there’s no need for you to lift a finger. Squad summer BBQ spot sorted.

Naturally all of our properties are fully furnished and fully maintained too. And we’re totally upfront…about the fact that we don’t charge any upfront fees – result!