Top Student Accommodation Safety Tips That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

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Top Student Accommodation Safety Tips That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Top Student Accommodation Safety Tips That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Aug 30, 2022 01:53 pm Published by

Home security might not be your main priority when you move into best student accommodation Leeds. But it’s an essential thing to think about when you have valuables in your home. We’re here with some home security tips that you can’t afford to ignore. Doing these things might just save you thousands of pounds… 

Check What Your Insurance Covers 

If you’ve got home insurance or contents insurance, check what the policy covers. Yes, we know it’s a boring and tedious task but it’s necessary to make sure you’re insured properly. Are all your gadgets properly insured? Are you covered by your home insurance if you don’t have a lock on your bedroom in student accommodation? 

Create An Inventory 

When you’re packing or unpacking, make a list of everything you own. Especially the irreplaceable and expensive things. Take pictures too as if you have to prove to insurers that you had these items in the first place, photos will help your case. This seems like the kind of home security you shouldn’t have to do but it’ll make your life a lot easier if you ever do need to make a claim. 

Get Into A Habit Of Locking Windows And Doors 

Hopefully you do this anyway but it really will increase the home protection of your student accommodation if you do these things. Leaving a door open is an open invite for anyone to let themselves into your home and an open window could be all someone needs to be able to get into your room. 

Ensure you and your housemates can enjoy your all inclusive student accommodation with the peace of mind that no one is getting into your home. 

Only Invite In People That You Trust 

Getting to know people, house parties, and dinner with friends, are all normal things to do at university. But when you’re starting out, do you really know people well enough to invite them into your student accommodation? 

Home insurance might not cover you if someone that you’ve invited in, steals your laptop or phone. Ensure you know people well and that they’re trustworthy before handing out the invite to that amazing house party you’re going to have. Yes, it’s taking home security to the point of being potentially boring but you wouldn’t invite strangers into your parent’s house so be careful of doing it in your all inclusive student housing. 


Be Careful About How Much You Say 

There have been some incidents recently where students have been going on a night out, and they’ve come back to their ransacked property. While in the taxi into town, students have given away too much information and said their house is empty. It’s a warning to be careful about what you say to anyone, even when it seems like they creating harmless conversation. 

Don’t Broadcast On Social Media When You’re Away 

When you go on holiday, or it’s Christmas time, it’s tempting to put on social media that you’re going away. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it could potentially invite unwanted visitors to your all inclusive student accommodation. It does pay to tell your housemates where you are or where you’re going. If anything happens, they’re aware of where you were planning to go and your flatmates might just end up being the best thing about your best student accommodation Leeds! 

Do you have any more student safety tips? Let us know over on Twitter at @rentinc! 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat