This is how to survive freshers’ week

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This is how to survive freshers’ week

This is how to survive freshers’ week

Aug 30, 2022 08:15 am Published by

We literally cannot emphasise enough just how cray cray freshers’ week can be. There’s a billion things going on at once but it’s legit going to be one of the most awesome weeks of your uni days. 

Find out how to slay the start of student life with Rentinc’s savvy survival tips… 

Don’t be and do everything 

Living with the best student accommodation Leeds, best fresher life doesn’t mean you have to make 27 besties, sign up to 43 weird and wonderful societies, and be the life and soul of the partayyy every single night. Trust us, if that’s your plan, you’re heading for self-destruction by day four. 

We’re not saying be a hermit or a grandma but give yourself a break and don’t feel the pressure to be on the go constantly. You’re going through a major life change here (FYI learning to adult takes practise) and you’ll need some headspace for uni and life admin too. 

Take your time to find your tribe, it’d be a miracle if the first people you met ended up being your BFFs. Be picky about which societies to join and remember it’s not a one-time-only offer, you can always sign up later in the term. And try to have at least two nights in, to save yourself from sleep deprivation and constant hangover hell. 

Be savvy with your dollar 

Student loan instalments are like Christmas, they don’t come round that often (except for September, January and April). If you wanna avoid falling into the trap of being the skint student stereotype then set yourself a budget. We don’t know if you heard but it’s actually cool to be organised.  

It’s going to feel a bit like you’re back in a GCSE maths lesson…soz. But if you take the total of your loan payment and minus the cost of your rent and bills, then you can divide the left over money by the number of weeks you need it to last. And when you know how much you’ve got to spend each week, then you can divide that between your food, travel, phone, entertainment and anything else. #winningatstudentlife 

Beware of the dreaded freshers’ flu 

We’re just going to get the bad news out of the way now – there’s no way you’re getting out of this without freshers’ flu. Unless you try some of these lil life hacks: 

  • Stay hydrated – you could even be super woke and carry a reusable water bottle. 

  • Eat anything other than pizza – think fruit and veg – your mum will be proud. 

  • Take vitamin C – the elixir of life. 

  • Arm yourself with antibacterial hand gel – to ward off the germs! 

  • Actually go to bed sometimes – sleep is legal during freshers’.  

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t die from freshers’ flu. Probs because it’s not even flu, it’s more like a really evil cold. But we get it, it feels like you’ve just been plunged into old age and the end of the world is nigh. 

Talk to strangers 

We know what your mum told you but it’s the only way you’re going to make friends when you’ve just landed in a totally new place. Remember, everyone’s in the same sitch so keep it cool, step up to the challenge and you’ll have no regrets. 

Whack that door open while you’re unpacking in your room or take biscuits to the communal kitchen and have a cuppa with whoever’s there. And once you’ve started making friends, don’t just stick to the same group of people. Have a cheeky convo with the people around you in the registration queues, take the campus tour and make an effort to chat with the other tour-takers. 

Top tip: keep a note on your phone of people’s names and flat blocks/numbers as you meet them. It’ll save you from awkward moments for the rest of the semester. 

Stay safe (don’t talk to those kind of strangers) 

While you’re getting to grips with being a lone ranger, it’s a good plan to keep your personal safety in mind. Before you start yawning, just think: town will be heaving, you’ll be going to places you’ve never been before and you’ll probs be under the influence. It’s kind of similar to a recipe for trouble that we once read. 

If you do fancy staying safe, here’s a few easy and non-night out ruining things you can do to make sure you’re still in one piece by the end of the evening (that’s the aim guys!): 

  • Put a trusted taxi company number in your phone. 

  • Keep your address in your phone. 

  • Stick with at least two other people from your gang. 

  • It might be tempting but accept a drink from a random. 

  • Keep an eye on your drink so you don’t get spiked. 

  • And please. Do. Not. Walk. Home. Alone. 

Nail the basics 

Hun, you are capable of anything you put your mind to – especially the basics of staying alive. It sounds major obvious but when you’re in the middle of hurricane freshers’ week, looking after yourself will deffo end up coming last. Just a teeny tiny bit of self-care will help you to not only survive, but outright ace (yas qween!) the start of your university days. 

Make sure to get seven hours of sleep most nights or just get as much as you can in between big nights out. Eat regularly and healthily because your body is a temple, obvs. Drink non-alcoholic beverages as well, water is your friend. And try to squeeze in some alone time to be kind to your mind. 

Oh, and one last thing, don’t be this person… 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat