Things you can expect to see in Leeds while studying

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Things you can expect to see in Leeds while studying

Things you can expect to see in Leeds while studying

Aug 30, 2022 03:25 pm Published by

Leeds, Leeds, lovely Leeds. The town that invented soda water, gave us Leeds United (who used to be good back in the early 90’s would you believe), Scary Spice and Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs. What else could you possibly want from a city? Well a night out in this marvellous part of Yorkshire is never dull, but just what can one expect? 

Hipsters… everywhere! 

Whilst Leeds is not quite on the same level as Shoreditch (we haven’t spotted anyone cycling about on a Penny Farthing just yet), you will most definitely spot a lot of bearded, tattooed guys, wondering about, often clutching a pug or a similar fashion accessory – there’s even been sightings of a man walking a ferret on a leash in Brewery Wharf. 

It’s not unusual to see them in restaurant windows munching quinoa and falafel from a slate plate or a plant pot, waffling on about the latest VHS cassette tapes they plan to buy. 

Burger restaurants… on every corner 

Carnivores are incredibly well-serviced in Leeds as there is an almost endless amount of burger, barbecue and meat joints. Reds True Barbecue was the first to really go all out and capitalise on the Man v Food trend and now look at them; seven restaurants and counting (including one in Shoreditch), a range of sauces and even a visit from Adam Richman himself. 

Now, Leeds has Almost Famous, The Joint, Meat Liquor, Five Guys, Boss Burgers, Cattle Grid, Smoke, Byron Burger and Handmade Burger Co. just to name a few – it’s enough to give Ronald McDonald sleepless nights. 

People say what they like… 

And they very much like what they say. Yes, the people are incredibly friendly, but don’t confuse this with naivety. Whilst Leeds folk are more than happy to chat to random strangers in the street, they don’t suffer fools gladly either and will voice their opinion when disgruntled. Of course, some of them take it a bit too far – like the girl that dialled the police when McDonalds refused to let her in! 

Less is more when it comes to clothing 

Between April and September, Leeds may as well be Ibiza as far as clothing is concerned. Yes, despite the fact the city only sees approx. one week of sun (usually in May), Leeds people are tough and see the first signs of Spring as an opportunity to reveal some flesh. If you’re seen wearing a coat during these months, basically you’re a bit weird. 

It’s party central 

With a new bar or restaurant seemingly opening up every week, the people of Leeds simply can’t keep up. Luckily, stag and hen do’s from Liverpool, Newcastle, Barnsley, Wakefield and Hull arrive by the truckload each and every weekend to fill them all up. Yes, a night in town guarantees you some sights, so do expect to see a trillion pink ladies brandishing blow-up penises and armies of angry men who are raging because they’re not allowed into Normans. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat