The secret to getting your full tenant deposit back

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The secret to getting your full tenant deposit back

The secret to getting your full tenant deposit back

Aug 30, 2022 07:24 am Published by

The end of a Tenancy comprises of many factors for Rentinc but for tenants one of the biggest questions asked is, when will we receive our deposit back? There is no one answer to this because the answer depends on the tenants themselves and whether or not they clean the property. 

Rentinc prefers to refund deposits in full but as the landlord, we must claim back the cost for cleaning if it has been essential to carry out. The cost for cleaning can be very high and this is covered in Unipol’s moving out guide ‘A guide to moving in and out of properties’.Unipol’s moving out guide ‘A guide to moving in and out of properties’. Unipol’s moving out guide ‘A guide to moving in and out of properties’. 

The good news: cleaning costs are entirely avoidable! The secret is not much of a secret at all. You just have to dedicate some time in your last few days to get the job done. This will ensure your money ends up where it belongs, in your back pocket! 
The problem for most people isn’t that they don’t know how to clean; they just don’t want to do it. Most areas will simply need some multi-purpose spray, cleaning cloths, a feather duster, and elbow grease. After – regrettably a few hours – you will see the difference and your work is likely to get you your deposit back. For tougher jobs, we recommend the below products; 

1.Oven cleans are rough with a price tag to match but one of the best products out there is Oven Pride Deep Cleaner. Leave it on overnight and your oven will look brand new. If you haven’t cleaned your oven all year, you will need to prepare for some scrubbing in the morning! 
2.Stardrops pink stuff paste really will remove your stubborn stains. It is cheap and will last you years beyond your current house. 

It doesn’t just stop at cleaning. You have to make sure you don’t leave behind any rubbish or unwanted belongings. If you do, Rentinc has to source appropriate removal and this charge will come back to tenants. It is better your items are donated or recycled and there are easy ways to organise this. 

Leave Leeds Tidy is a great way of shifting what you don’t want and it ensures your belongings are disposed of in the right way. Luckily, they operate services on the weeks leading up to moving out and have many drop-off points around the Hyde Park / Headingley area. 
For more information follow this link 

But what about those clean and tidy tenants who have already moved out but leave behind housemates who are less mindful? Unfortunately when you’re on a joint-and-several Tenancy Agreement their mess is your mess. As a household you need to guarantee your property is cleaned so you all reap the benefits. Rentinc will charge a cleaning cost to all tenants. However, if there is a housemate or two who would like to take responsibility all they need to do is confirm in writing and we can remove the other housemates from the invoice. Unfortunately, that rarely happens and all tenants end up being charged, so don’t take that risk! 
If you are really organised you can arrange a pre-vacation inspection with the Rentinc team. A member of staff will visit your property before you leave and advise of anything they see which you could be charged for. This then gives you time to sort it! Seldom do those who book in these appointments end up with charges. 
To book your property in please contact the Rentinc team on 0113 220 0040 or 

We send end of Tenancy information to all tenants via email so you know exactly what to do on the weeks before you leave, if you haven’t received these emails please let the team know. Hopefully we have provided you with enough information so you receive your deposit but if you are still unsure or have any questions please get in touch and we will be happy to help! 

Lastly, you will receive your bond statement on the dates shown below. A bond statement details any deductions and the amount you are due to be refunded. When you receive this if you have any questions or concerns these must be put into writing to the staff member who sent you the statement. 

30/06/2020 end date – bond statement due 14/07/2020 
31/07/2020 end date – bond statement due 14/08/2020 
31/08/2020 end date – bond statement due 14/09/2020 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat