The Rentinc interim inspection survival guide

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The Rentinc interim inspection survival guide

The Rentinc interim inspection survival guide

Aug 30, 2022 08:18 am Published by

If you’re losing sleep over your upcoming inspection (what’s that all about?? There are far better reasons to lose sleep as a student) or struggling to keep your cool over the clean-up operation that lies ahead, just chill a sec. You need to see the Best Student Accommodation Leeds.. 
We’re not here to lecture you because quite frankly there’s enough of that going on at uni, so forget that. But we have got a few tips and tricks to help you blossom into the clean qween that you truly are. 

Behold the Rentinc interim inspection survival guide (you’re welcome): 

Channel your inner Marie Kondo 

First things first, there’s still enough time for you to binge watch the whole of Tidying up with Marie Kondo season one so get on it. And once you’ve grasped the concept of sparking joy, you’ll probably realise that the Pitza Cano box, with pizza crust remains from last week, isn’t bringing you joy anymore and it’ll be so much easier to let go. 

Also, is it just us or is there something really soothing about watching Marie work her tidying magic? It’s a two birds, one stone sitch: learn how to tidy and leave university induced anxiety behind…for a while. 

And if the hairs on your neck aren’t standing on end while you’re watching the pure and unadulterated moments where Marie greets the different houses, then you’re not paying attention properly and you’ll have to watch the series all over again. Sorry, not sorry. 

Make best friends with bicarbonate of soda 

So cheap, so eco-friendly, so woke – bicarbonate of soda is the answer to all of your problems. Your mum’s probably already told you about it but you probably didn’t listen. Nevermind, the past is in the past and you can move forward now. 

Seriously, you can clean almost anything with bicarb! Use it to freshen up the carpets: just sprinkle it on, leave it overnight and vac it up in the morning. Mix it up with hot water and watch dirt disintegrate before your eyes. We’re talking ovens, we’re talking microwaves, we’re talking hard floors and pretty much everything in the kitchen (surfaces, sink, utensils – the lot!). 

And if you’ve been neglecting the toilet (because we know you have), you can even use it to whiten that bad boy up too. You can thank us later. 

Join the ‘Hinch Army’ 

Be sure to schedule a scroll down Mrs Hinch’s Insta feed into your diary this week. She’s absolutely taken the world by storm with her love for cleaning and her 2.1 million followers are known as the Hinch Army. 

Mrs Hinch’s mantra is a clean home = a clear mind and we love it. She started cleaning in her mid-twenties to cope with her anxiety and panic attacks, and realised that the process of cleaning can actually become an exercise in mindfulness. 

You could totally take a leaf out of this lady’s book (oh yer, she wrote one of those too). Her Instagram is full of spring-cleaning hints and tips, she has a nightly ritual where she ‘puts her sink to bed’ and she even has a wardrobe for her cleaning products. Life goals guys, life goals. 

32.7k Likes, 1,597 Comments – Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome) on Instagram: “AD |Hello my Hinchers!! I don’t know about you but the shine on a sink makes my day  I could…” 

Learn the secret to banishing red wine stains 

Soz but there’s no magic trick to treating a historical wine stain, you should have sorted that at the time babe. That stuff is the devil’s work once it’s dried. 

The good news is that your next house party won’t be brought to a hideous halt when the red wine spillage inevitably happens. If it’s on the carpet grab your table salt and get grinding – you’ll have that evil red liquid absorbed in a flash. Or whizz some white vinegar on that heinous blemish and it’ll be neutralised before you know it. 

And, god forbid the stuff gets on your clothes but if it does soda water is bae. Flush that fabric right out with the soda water, leave it to dry and party on sister. 

Make sure you’re clothed when we arrive 

Guys and gals, please, we’ve seen some right sights.  We like to be wild and free just as much as the next person but just this once, we’re begging you, please put your clothes on for your inspection. You can literally hang out naked any other day, it’s your home an’ all. 

Be more squirrel 

Ok, stay with us. This is a last ditch attempt if tidy just isn’t your thing. You need to be more squirrel and just hide all that extra stuff away. Yes, we know that maximalism is in right now but it’s no good convincing yourself that the growing windowsill collection of empty coke bottles is a form of interior design. 

It’s simple, gather all of the clothes, crisp packets and takeaway boxes, and just shove it all in your wardrobe. And if there’s too much, make use of your bed and hide some under the duvet too. Finally, stand and admire the fruits of your hard work. 

See, this guy knows how it’s done: 

We get it, you don’t wanna get screwed over for the smallest things. Well we don’t work like that at Rentinc so stick to this survival guide and you’ll sail through your interim inspection just fine. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat