Study tips for the new term at University

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Study tips for the new term at University

Study tips for the new term at University

Nov 08, 2023 02:31 pm Published by

Returning to a working routine after a break can be hard enough at the best of times, however, the long Christmas break makes it that extra bit harder to get back into work mode. For many students in Leeds, February marks the beginning of your second semester, and it is all-a-go with coursework, tutorial sessions, deadlines and revision. Here are some tips to help get you through the rest of the year and ensure you achieve the best possible results. Go for the best student accommodation Leeds for a better student life.  

Get started early 

Find out what reading materials will be needed for your semester and get them from the library before teaching begins. Not only does this mean you can get a head start on reading around your subject, it also means you won’t have to deal with the rush of students all hunting for the same book. You should also take a look at your new modules for the semester, to make sure that you can back in rhythm with your course as soon as possible. 

Plan your time 

Coursework deadlines and exams have a tendency to creep up on you and pile up one after another. However, creating a work calendar to keep track of your deadlines and all other course assessments is a great way to manage this. Knowing how your time should be scheduled is important and having a calendar will stop deadlines sneaking up on you. Print the list out and hang it somewhere you will see every day, as it will keep you on track and prevent you misjudging your time. 

Keep focussed 

We all know how easy it can be to switch off in a warm crowded lecture theatre. Avoid this by staying as focused as possible. That means not turning up to lectures after a big night out, drinking plenty of water to stay alert, and making an extra special effort to take down thorough notes in preparation for exams and assignments. Make highlighters, notepads and cue cards your new best friends when you’re in the lecture hall, as being creative will help you stave off the boredom of a dull lecture. 

Gain experience 

No matter what year of university you’re in, it can’t hurt to get some more experience that is relevant to your degree. It will not only help you understand your course further, but will also benefit you in the long term when the time comes to start your career. Find help at Milkround, which allows you to search for both short-term and long-term internships and placements. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions 

With large workloads and looming deadlines, it’s easy to become confused about what is being asked of you in certain modules. Getting your tutor to clarify things or just asking them questions about your lessons in general will help you perform at your best and will also show them that you are a serious student who is taking the necessary steps to succeed. Don’t be shy to speak up, as many other students will be thinking exactly the same thing as you. 

Work hard so you can play hard 

Although the final semester of the year is always stressful and packed with deadlines, you should aim to work as hard as you possibly can so you can treat yourself every once in a while to some downtime.  Spending every day and night working is enough to drive even the most conscientious of students crazy, and isn’t productive, so aim to get your work done, and allow yourself the luxury of a day off every once in a while. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat