Securing your student property during Christmas break: A guide for students

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Securing your student property during Christmas break: A guide for students

Securing your student property during Christmas break: A guide for students

Dec 11, 2023 12:59 pm Published by

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and quality time spent with loved ones. For many students, it means leaving their student accommodation in Leeds and heading home for the festive period. However, before you pack your bags and close the door behind you, there are essential steps you should take to ensure the safety and security of your student property while you're away. Here's our guide to safeguarding your Leeds home during the Christmas break:

Safety Measures:

1. Check Your Insurance: Student areas often face a higher risk of crime. Before leaving for the celebrations, ensure your insurance policy is up-to-date and covers your valuable possessions. This precaution can be a lifesaver if any unfortunate incidents occur while you're away.

2. Secure Your Property: Close all curtains and blinds to prevent outsiders from peeking in. Remove any visible valuables, such as bikes or electronics, to deter potential burglars. Lock all doors and windows, and if available, set your alarm system. A visible alarm box acts as a deterrent to intruders.

3. Safeguard Valuables: If possible, take valuable items home with you. By minimising the number of valuable possessions left behind, you reduce the potential losses in case of a break-in.

4. Use Light Timers: Consider setting up a light timer that switches on lights for a specific duration during the evenings. This simple step can create the illusion of occupancy, deterring burglars who might be monitoring unoccupied homes.

Energy Saving Tips:

1. Adjust Heating Settings: Lower the thermostats on your radiators and heaters to save energy. A lower setting prevents unnecessary heating expenses during your absence.

2. Avoid Standby Mode: Turn off and unplug all electrical appliances. Standby mode consumes electricity and contributes to higher energy bills. Ensure everything is fully powered down before leaving.

Additional Considerations:

1. Accessibility for Maintenance: Keep all rooms accessible for essential maintenance works or property viewings if required. This ensures that necessary tasks can be carried out without hindrance.

2. Food and Appliances: Dispose of perishable food items before leaving but keep your fridge/freezer running. Additionally, ensure all taps are turned off and plugs are out of sinks to minimise the risk of flooding.

Taking these precautionary measures can significantly reduce the chances of mishaps while you're away. Protecting your property ensures peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season without unnecessary worries.

If you have any maintenance issues over the Christmas period please contact Hive on: 0113 224 4610 or  

Everyone at Parklane Properties wish you a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year!

This post was written by Maisie