New House share open for 1st September 2022!

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New House share open for 1st September 2022!

New House share open for 1st September 2022!

Aug 29, 2022 12:56 pm Published by

Are you an undergraduate student in Leeds looking for a house share for 2022- 2023? Rentinc have just opened up a new house share in Hyde Park for the 1st of September 2022. Flat 1, 205 Hyde Park Road is a 7 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat set in a prime location of Hyde Park- right opposite Woodhouse Moor! This house share is all inclusive of bills for just £119.99 per person per week and also comes inclusive of a garden, TV and dishwasher. Keep reading to find out other benefits of living in a house share! 

Lifelong friends 

A house share is an opportunity to meet likeminded people outside of your uni course that you wouldn’t have met if you were living alone or with other friends! They are a good way of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and inevitably make you a more confident person in future. 

There’s always someone knocking about 

In a larger house share, it’s often that people will have different schedules, meaning there’s usually always someone in the kitchen making food or watching TV in the living room. So, you’ll never be short of friends to hang out with when you’re bored! 

Money saver 

Finally, a large factor for being choosing to live in a house share is opportunity to save money. Generally speaking, house shares are cheaper to live in than on your own- not to mention all your bills are included! They mean you can live in a prime location for a more reasonable price, as you are just paying for 1 room, not a full place. It can also mean that you and your housemates can chip together a few times a week to cook, which is great as a social activity too! 

Flat 1, 205 Hyde Park Road sells itself, however we hope these extra points show that house shares are where it’s at! Give one of our friendly Rentinc team a call on 0113 220 0040 or email to enquire about a room today! 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat