Rentinc’s stress less guide to leaving your gaff

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Rentinc’s stress less guide to leaving your gaff

Rentinc’s stress less guide to leaving your gaff

Aug 30, 2022 09:12 am Published by

Newsflash: moving out of your Rentinc pad doesn’t need to be a ‘mare – who knew! We know it’s effort but you need to adult just one last time before you head home for the hols. 

Here’s how it’s done the stress-free way: 

Clean up your act 

Don your best Marigolds and gather your crew – it’s time for the celebratory end of year clean-up operation (way more fun than a house party, lol jks). The best way to avoid a cleaning charge is to apply everything you’ve learnt from binge watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo and stalking Mrs Hinch on Insta. 

We really want to give you your full deposit back so get this lot on your to-do list: 

  • Sort your stuff – work out what you wanna keep and get the rest to the charity shop (or the bin if you’ve been hoarding…you know who you are). 

  • Show the fridge/freezer some love – empty, clean and defrost that bad boy! No really, we’re good without that half eaten bottle of ketchup… 

  • Hinch the hob, cooker, and microwave – inside and out plz. 

  • Clean the washing machine – btw the drawer shouldn’t look like a swamp inside. 

  • Crack on with the cupboards, skirting boards, windows and frames – soz but they all need a wipe. 

  • Clean those floors – the vacuum is your new BBF. Be a good friend and replace the bag afterwards. 

  • Attack the bathroom – yas qween make it sparkling clean! We know, plug holes are gross. 

  • Get gardening – channel your inner Alan Titchmarsh (what a legend) and make sure it’s weed free and tidy. 

If you’ve moved any furniture do us a favour and put it back where you found it. And be sure to replace the smoke alarm batteries and any light bulbs that have died. 

And whatever you do, don’t leave it all ‘til the night before you move out (this isn’t an essay), otherwise you’ll end up like this: 

Boss the bills 

One last thing before you leave – if you opted non-inc then you need to take your final meter readings and send them to your energy suppliers. It’s easiest to snap pictures with your phone so you don’t lose them (unless you’re in the habit of losing your phone…we all have that one friend right?). 

Oh yer don’t forget to close down your broadband and let the council know that you’re leaving too. Sorry – we never said this was fun! 

Make it a smooth move 

It gets easier from here, promise. Keep it chilled and follow these three teeny-tiny baby steps because we know it’s been a tough gig so far: 

  1. Let us know when you’re off, here. 

  1. Lock up and leave by midday on the last day of your tenancy. 

  1. Ditch the keys at our office (again by 12pm on the last day of your tenancy would be sweet). It’s best to put them in an envelope with your name inside so we know who they’re from. 

Annnndddd relax! 

Check you out – that’s you done! We suggest listening to I’m a survivor on repeat while emailing us your bank account deets so we can get your deposit back to you. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat