How many people should I live with at university?

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How many people should I live with at university?

How many people should I live with at university?

Nov 08, 2023 03:39 pm Published by

With the official Unipol student letting season now well underway, many of you will be busy hunting for potential housemates and scouring the internet for your best student accommodation Leeds. What you might not yet have considered is the potential size of your house hunting group. 

Whether you’re wanting to be a lone wolf or you prefer a busy, larger household, we’ve summed up your available options. 


While living on your own isn’t necessarily the most conventional way to go about your university life, there are some students that enjoy the privacy of their own place. It might not be the most sociable style of living, but it’s ideal if you’re after your own independence and don’t want to get caught up in the politics of house sharing. Check out this studio apartment, which has a city centre location and mezzanine bed – it’s perfect if you want to live in style for the coming student year. 


Living as a “twosome” means you don’t have the disturbances and noise of a large household, but you do have a bit of company. A good option for those who want to get their heads down and focus on their studies, there are plenty of options available in the city centre outskirts, Headingley and Hyde Park. Living in a large group often leads to untidiness and cleaning struggles, but with just two people you won’t tend to encounter such problems. While many house shares can be uninspiring aesthetically, with only two people you have more quirky alternatives available. 

Small group of students 

Traditionally, when it comes to student housing, many opt for small group living. With three or four friends there’s probably the best range of options available. Most properties are concentrated around the Headingley and Hyde Park areas, with plenty of all inclusive living options for those who don’t want to worry about bills. This size of group is a nice middle ground – more variety than a twosome, but not as hectic as a large house. 

Large group of students 

It might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you want to share your student years with all your friends and live in a big group, then finding a large all-inclusive house is the best way to go about it. Expect noise, and a sometimes hectic living environment, but a lot of fun and a fantastic university experience. With upwards of nine people living together, splitting bills and costs can prove to be a tough task, so opting for an all-inclusive property wipes out all the hassle. You’ll be living with your closest friends and with a full house, you’ll never find yourself at a loose end. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat