Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before You Rent A Property

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before You Rent A Property

Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before You Rent A Property

Aug 30, 2022 01:27 pm Published by

Renting a property is a pretty exciting time. You get to live with your friends, in a cool area of Leeds, and you get independence like you’ve never had before. It is quite a big deal though so a lot of things do need to be taken into consideration. Here’s everything you need to know before you rent a property… 

Research The Area You Want To Live In 

The location of your student accommodation is a really important factor when you rent a property. Do you want to be in Burley where it’s a little quieter but with great connections to Leeds City Centre? Do you want to be in Hyde Park where you’re close to university? You’ll be close to the student action in Headingley and living in the City Centre enables you to live the city dream for a year or two. The team at rentinc will be able to give you great advice about what area might be best for you, or alternatively, ask your friends who might live in these areas already. They’ll give you the lowdown on what the nightlife is like, whether there’s any nearby amenities, and what transport links are like. 


Work Out Your Budget 

Renting a property is much easier when you know your budget right from the word go. It means you can easily focus in on the properties you know are within budget rather than wasting your time on others which would leave you very poor throughout university! 


Check If There Are Any Hidden Fees 

Do you have the full picture of what you’re playing for when renting a property? Check with your letting agent about what other fees there are when taking out your contract. This could include admin fees, extra fees for water, and a deposit. At rentinc, everything is included in the cost of your rent, and there are no admin fees either! All you need to save for is the deposit. 

Attend University Fairs 

Not only will university fairs give you a big choice of student accommodation for the year ahead, but they’ll be able to give you a lot of sound advice on other aspects of renting. From legal advice, to information on contracts, deposits and tips on house hunting, university accommodation fairs are a place where you can get invaluable information about renting student accommodation. 


Go To Viewings With An Open Mind 

When you go to view properties, go with an open mind. Imagine what the bedroom would be like with your belongings in. Will the living room look better when there’s a nice throw on the sofa? You might have to compromise on the property so that everyone you’re living with is happy. 

Is The Property Unipol Accredited? 

A property that is Unipol accredited means that the letting agent, in this case rentinc, has agreed that their accommodation must meet a certain set of benchmarks. This means the condition of the accommodation, relationship between landlords and tenants, and the management of the housing must all be above board. Having this guarantee gives you a bit more security when looking to rent a property for student accommodation. 

Ensure You Have A Guarantor 

A guarantor ensures that if you can’t pay your rent, your rent will still get paid. You can ask a parent, guardian, or family member to be your guarantor – just make sure you ask them in advance. If you can’t find a guarantor, there are other ways to ensure your rent can be paid if you can’t afford it but a guarantor is always the best option to ensure you’re able to rent your student accommodation with your friends! 

Save For A Deposit 

When renting your next student accommodation, it’s likely you’ll need a deposit to secure your property. The amount will vary but at rentinc, it’s £100 per person for 4+ beds, £300 per person for 2 and 3 beds, and £450+ for 1 bed properties. Make sure you’ve got this amount ready to go when you see the student house of your dreams! 

Read Through Your Tenancy Agreement Thoroughly 

It’s a tedious task and no one likes doing it but ensure you read through your tenancy agreement properly. That agreement is there to help you and your landlord equally so ensure you’re happy with everything and ask questions where you need to or when things aren’t clear. It also gives you a chance to change anything if you’re not happy. 


Are you still looking for your perfect all-inclusive student accommodation? Look on the rentinc website today or come into our office to speak to one of the team! 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat