Half price summer rent- 240 Vinery Road flat 2!

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Half price summer rent- 240 Vinery Road flat 2!

Half price summer rent- 240 Vinery Road flat 2!

Aug 29, 2022 01:00 pm Published by

We know it can be a difficult decision when to move into your new student accommodation, but here at Rentinc we’ve made things very easy for you! We are offering half price summer rent on one of our 6 bedroom properties- flat 2, 240 Vinery Road in Burley. This means for the months of July and August you will only be paying half of your rent, meaning you can spend the rest of it on having the best Summer in Leeds ever!! 

Not only this, there are so many benefits of living in Leeds during the Summer months. Keep reading to find out what events we’re excited about! 

Leeds Festival 

Let’s start with the big one…Leeds festival has been one of the most popular music festivals in the UK and has been about since 1999. It’s an amazing opportunity to spend a day (or the full weekend) with all of your friends, and see some of the biggest artists in the world right now. The festival runs from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th August 2022 at Bramham Park, so is a perfect excuse to be in Leeds in the Summer months! 

Leeds Pride 

One of the biggest events held in the City Centre, Leeds Pride celebrates the LGBT+ community and the freedom of expression. It is held on 7th August 2022, and is a day filled with colour, tunes and celebration, and is a great way of showing support of the LGBT+ community, while having a great day out with friends! 

Outdoor cinema at Harewood House 

Tired of watching films on your laptop or tv? Well Summer is the perfect time to go to the outdoor cinema in North Leeds. Hosted at Harewood House, the Luna Drive- In Cinema provides in-car speakers and high-definition outdoor screens, meaning you will be able to sit back in the comfort of your car, while watching some of the classics! You can even get hot food on site or pre-order a luxurious hamper! This is a great alternative evening with friends, and gets you out the house while also allowing you to stay cosy! 

Leeds West Indian Carnival 

Held on the last Monday in August, Leeds West Indian Carnival is Europe’s longest running authentic Caribbean carnival parade. Each year there is a stunning display of incredible costumes, infectious rhythms, mouth-watering food and entertainment for everyone. Come along and prepare to be amazed! 

Other positives of Leeds Summer living 

Get a job 

Get a head start before uni by getting a job and earning some cash. You could also try your hand at some volunteering, not only is it great for businesses, it can also help you with your uni degree and future employment. 

Nab the best room in the house 

If you’ve all signed for a July start date but some of your mates may not want to move in until September, this is your perfect opportunity to nab the best room in the house. It also means that you can get a head start on decorating the house exactly how you want it! After all… it’s the early bird that gets the worm! 

Last but not least… enjoy your Summer in your lovely new Rentinc property! 

We hope we’ve given you just a taster of what you can get up to in Leeds in the Summer months, but Leeds has so much more to offer. From food festivals to vintage clothing fairs, Leeds has something for you. Plus with flat 2, 240 Vinery Road in prime location, it’s easier than ever to get involved! 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat