Get Christmas ready with our pre-Christmas checklist!

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Get Christmas ready with our pre-Christmas checklist!

Get Christmas ready with our pre-Christmas checklist!

Dec 01, 2022 04:05 pm Published by

Christmas is only around the corner and thousands of students will be leaving their uni pads to go home for Christmas (EEEK). If this is you, we have some tips on what you need to do before locking your doors and driving home for Christmas!



-       Student areas have a high crime rate, so check that your insurance policy is in order before leaving for an extended time, as the last thing you want upon returning is to lose valuable possessions and them not be covered.


-       Make sure all your curtains/ blinds are closed so people can’t see in. Also remove all valuables that may be on show (bikes outside etc)


-       If you have one, set your alarm and ensure all the windows and doors are fully closed and locked. The flashing alarm box on a home will be spotted by potential thieves and it may steer them away from your home.


-       If you have the space, take valuables home with you. If there ever was a break in, it minimises the amount of items the burglars will want to take. 


-       It may be useful to set up a light timer that flicks a light on for an hour on an evening. We understand that times are hard for everyone right now, but the couple of hours you leave the hall light on when out can help prevent a break-in.

Energy saving:


-       Turn the thermostats down on your radiators and heaters. The last thing you want is you leaving in a rush and your heating is on ALL Christmas. 


-       Don’t leave any appliances on ‘Standby’, this uses a lot more electricity than you think. 


Other tips:


-       Please ensure all rooms are accessible so we can carry out essential maintenance works and conduct viewings.


-       Dispose of any perishable foods when you go away but do not turn your fridge/freezer off.


-       Ensure all taps are turned off & plugs out of sinks. This limits the risk of flooding.  

These tips will not only help to protect your property and reduce your carbon footprint but will also ensure that you are not running up large utility bills! 


If you have any maintenance issues over the Christmas period please contact Hive on: 0113 224 4610 or  


Rentinc wish you a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year! 

This post was written by Maisie