6 Fun Things To Do In Leeds With No Money

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6 Fun Things To Do In Leeds With No Money

6 Fun Things To Do In Leeds With No Money

Aug 30, 2022 01:38 pm Published by

Leeds isn’t an expensive city to live in. In fact, you can have an incredible day out here and not spend a penny. You might need a bit of change for food but that’s it. You can see the rest of the sights for pretty much nothing. Here are some fun things to do in Leeds with no money… 

The Royal Armouries 

Leeds Dock is home to The Royal Armouries. A museum full of memorabilia from over the centuries. Here you can discover the weaponry soldiers used to use in battle and find out how other cultures protected themselves against invaders. It’s a fascinating place that’s well worth going to if you want to explore Leeds for free. In the holidays and over the summer months there are often falconry and jousting demonstrations on too which are always fun to watch. 


Window Shop Until You Drop 

Leeds is one of the best shopping cities in the UK. With Leeds Trinity, Victoria Gate, The Merrion Centre, Briggate, and The Arcades, there’s plenty of opportunity to check out vintage, luxury, homeware, clothing, and jewellery shops. But, you’re trying not to spend your money so window shopping it is, although the shops of Leeds might seriously tempt you to spend a few pounds… 

Leeds City Museum 

If you like your history, get over to Leeds City Museum. This place has collections of Egyptian mummies and Iron Age tools as well as a Collector’s Gallery full of the public’s weird obsessions. You never know what you might learn here so it’s the place to go to pick up some weird and wonderful bits of knowledge about the past. 

The Arcades 

Leeds’ arcades are so beautiful. There are plenty around the city and each one is so individual you could spend an hour or two looking around them all. Queens Arcade, Grand Arcade, and Central Arcade are some of the most beautiful so make sure you take a camera to take those Instagrammable pictures! 


Leeds Art Gallery 

The Leeds Art Gallery has recently re-opened and has an incredible display of work by artists like Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. It’s in the city centre too so you can easily access Leeds Art Gallery on your day out in Leeds. If you’re on an art course at university, it’s worth asking what free courses and talks they’ve got on. You never know if a free visit could improve your grade! 

The Crowd Of Favours Cinema Club 

Ever Tuesday, Crowd of Favours shows an iconinc film for free. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, and Back To The Future. So grab some popcorn and settle in with your mates to watch a classic film for nothing at all. Although getting a drink to accompany a film will only cost a few quid… 

We know being a student can be tough on the pockets, so what free things have you done in Leeds recently? Let us know over on Twitter! 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat