Affordable student nightlife in Leeds

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Affordable student nightlife in Leeds

Affordable student nightlife in Leeds

Aug 30, 2022 04:16 pm Published by

Once you’ve blown 90% of your student allowance and seem to be left with nothing but empty pockets and fuzzy memories, it can really be quite depressing. However, fear not. You don’t need to go to The Alchemist to have a good time- there’s literally stacks of great pubs and bars in the city with various charms, whether it be sport on tap, great music or dirt cheap Jaeger bombs. 

Leeds premier LGBT bar has always welcomed in punters gay or straight over the years and the heady mixture of funky house, luxury decor and cracking drinks has proved a sure-fire winner. With 241 drinks every day and night until 9pm, it’s a fantastic place to kick-start your night by busting some moves without busting your wallet. 

With more of a pub vibe than neighbouring Fibre (with whom they share the legendary courtyard), Queens Court makes for a much camper night, dropping pop classics from the likes of Lady Gaga, Kylie and Madonna. With 50% off drinks every evening from 5-9, it’s also an incredibly cheap place to let your hair down and dance like nobody’s watching. 

Few bars in Leeds have attracted as many big name DJ’s as Distrikt, with many of its big club nights offering free entry. Despite its popularity, you can still drop in here on a Friday night and kick the weekend off with 50% off selected drinks and if it all gets a bit too much on the dancefloor, you can head upstairs to unwind on their brilliant terrace. 

Fans of r n b, rap, pop and funk will not be able to resist a night in Brooklyn Bar on Call Lane, where quality bourbon and burgers go hand in hand. Their generous happy hour runs between 4-8pm every day, ensuring that you can party in one of those city’s most popular districts without paying a premium and lovers of cocktails can benefit from their 2 for £10 offer at all times. 

Whilst Tiger Tiger may not be the trendiest of bars the city has to offer, for those that don’t really care where the cool kids go, it’s a must. With 50% off drinks every evening until 9pm, it’s arguably the most popular bar at the top end of town. They also have Lucky Voice Karaoke booths, allowing you to flex your vocal chords privately – there’s even a drinks service buzzer so you don’t even need to leave your booth. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat