Apps For Students and Education

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Apps For Students and Education

Apps For Students and Education

Nov 08, 2023 02:59 pm Published by

There are many Google apps (applications) available for Android smartphones, and students in particular are able to benefit from a huge variety intended to make their lives easier. 

There are apps designed to help users organise their time, make notes and stay up to date with information, all accessible at the touch of a button. 

There are also apps that are designed to prevent the user from becoming too distracted by outside influences. 

Apps for students 

StayFocusd is an app designed to prevent the user from spending too much time on websites that might be distracting to them. 

Particular sites can be restricted completely, or restricted for a certain period of time so that the user’s attention can be given over to studying. is a Google app designed to get the user organised. It provides the facility to create ‘to do’ lists and help manage tasks. The lists can be divided into projects and customised as needed. 

The Write Space app is a text editor that helps to keep distractions to a minimum and can also be used offline. 

This is particularly beneficial for students who need to stay focused on work such as essay or assignment writing. 

Students will no doubt already be aware of the benefits of flashcards, and StudyStack is an app that will allow the user to create their own set of flashcards, or access ones already created by others. 

These come in a variety of subjects and are ideal for revision purposes. 

Benefits of Google apps 

Google apps come in a variety of formats, and an interesting one is Google Docs. 

This is a section of the Google website that can be used to create and maintain word-processing documents, or spreadsheets. 

As the files are created online, they can be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection, and in some instances there is an option for offline usage too. 

Documents can be created for sharing with others, so that students working together can create study plans that can then be altered by colleagues, or notes that can be viewed, and added to, by other participants as they are working. 

Staying organised is so much easier with the help of Google Calendar. This is an online diary that is stored online and can be used for timetabling, along with reminders for deadlines and other important activities. 

Google Talk is an instant messaging feature that allows students to contact friends and lecturers instantly, for discussion or advice. 

It is free to use and is perfect for students who are cutting down on phone costs, since it is ideal for keeping in touch with people back home without running up a huge phone bill. It can be used for both voice calls and text messages. 

It is a good idea to explore the huge selection of Google apps that are available to students free of charge, as there are plenty of options designed to help the mind remain focused and organised in line with study commitments. 

With internet access and mobile phones readily available these days, it is all too easy to get distracted by outside influences and this will soon show in below-average assignment and exam results. 

This post was written by Iqra Amanat