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truly, madly, burley

our complete guide on things to do while living and studying in burley

What’s not to love about Burley? Handy for the city centre and uni campuses, and totally self-sufficient in fun and frivolous stuff to do. Gig venues, cafes, bars, takeaways, restaurants, cinema, gyms, sports facilities… And donuts. Awesome donuts.

More connected than your brain

OK, a slight exaggeration… But Burley scores highly in the highly convenient stakes. The city centre’s a 20-30 minute walk away. Hang on, what were we thinking? Of course there are also loads of buses and trains.

Burley Park train station – train into Leeds takes 8 mins on average
Buses 19, 19a, 33, 49, 50, 50a run regularly to the city centre (
Buses 49 and 56 run regularly to the universities
M62, M1, A64M and A1M easily reached 


Day to day shopping’s a doddle in Burley. There’s a big Co-op, Aldi, Asda and Abu Bakar – the latter stocking Asian and ethnic foods. So when you’ve had enough of potnoodle-on-toast, you’ll find all you need for your signature Panang curry. There’s also the brilliant Poverty Aid shop, rammed with funky second hand furniture.

Your thing. their thing. everything

The Big Secret is that lots of people often swerve the city’s many attractions in favour of a cheeky trip to Burley. Doh, secret’s out. Anyway, here are a few Burley highlights…

Brudenell Social Club – music, art and more without boundaries
Burley Park – ideal for chilling on a summer day after a night you can’t quite remember
The Climbing Lab – indoor bouldering
Cardigan Arms – legendary sausage rolls, ales, amazing bijou beer garden
Gyms, gyms and gyms
Vue Cinema

Eat the world

For starters, (see what we did there?) the nosh:dosh ratio hereabouts is not too scary. And Burley’s eats options are awesomely varied, so you’ll always find something you love. Or something random you didn’t know you’d love till you tried it. Another thing, did we mention the donuts? To die for, end-of.

The Corner Café – long established Indian restaurant
The Great Yorkshireman chippy, proper Yorkshire
El Faro pizzas
Man V Roast – a full homely roast for under a fiver
Lupe’s Cantina Mexicana
Poco Sicilian street food
Haftsin Persian cuisine 
Rosie’s Diner  

Other student-friendly areas nearby