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your views on rentinc.

Henry T

”Very Efficient“

Charlie W

”Very good service. No Complaints!“


”Excellent, thank you all so much you are a great bunch of people“


”Friendly and effective fast service. Flexible in problem managing“

Andrew W

”Friendly staff, well organised, fast response. Thank you very much.“

Kez W

”Thank you rentinc for your quick and friendly service the other day“

Tony B

”Always very helpful and Pleasant. Never had any problems, Very professional“

Megan F

”Thank you to everyone at rentinc for helping me find the house of my dreams“

Lisa P

”Big up to rentinc proper loving my house in Leeds!! Such a perfect little pad!! Yay!“

Charlee D

”Resigning with Rentinc tomorrow. They have been really good to making our house perfect for us!“

Jarvis T

”Shout out to rentinc our housing company for providing us with the most beautiful house i've ever seen.“

Jordan S

”rentinc has excellent customer service. They always have time to deal with any and all personal request #LovelyPeople #ace“