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faq's - post tenancy

frequently asked questions about our properties and letting process

Q. Do you do viewings on Saturdays?

A. Yes we are open for viewings on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

Q. Can I get my own furniture?

A. Yes - however please ensure it complies with up-to-date fire and safety regulations. Please make sure you arrange your own storage for Rentinc's furniture and remove any personal items before you leave.

Q. What association do Rentinc have with the Student Loans Company?

A. Although the majority of our lets are to students we are a private company with no official affiliation to the SLC

Q. Are bills included in the rent?

A. It depends on the property type. Most of our properties are offered as All-inc which means that bills are included, however some are non-inc, where no bills are included in the rent; the bills in this case are the tenant's responsibility.

The status of the property regarding bills is clearly indicated next to the rent amount on every property listing.

With All-inc tenancies, the rent includes gas, electricity, water rates, internet and contents insurance, however these are subject to fair usage and any excess will be charged to the tenants.

Q. Do you have any "student halls" type of accommodation?

A. Yes we do have some ‘student halls’ type accommodation though these are for smaller bed properties. Please enquiry for further information.

Q. Is there a deposit?

A. Yes - all properties require a minimum £100 deposit per person. However some properties may require a larger deposit.

Q. How long are the tenancy agreements for?

A. Normally 12 months but this depends on the property.

Q. In 2 or more bedroom properties, can more than one person live in the same room?

A. No, the price is per person in relation to the number of bedrooms in the house.

Q. How long in advance do we need to book if we want to look at some houses?

A. We need 24 hours to inform current tenants of viewings on properties. To arrange a viewing either call into the office, phone us on

Q. Do we meet you at the property or do we need to come to the office?

A. Whatever suits you! You can either to come to the office prior to the viewing and we will take you, or you can meet us at the property.

Q. Do you have any houses where I can just rent one room?

A. Yes we have individuals rooms to let within shared student houses. In these you will have your own room, but will share communal facilities.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Unfortunately not.

Q. Do you provide kitchen utensils or do we need to bring our own?

A. Our properties are fully furnished, but we do not provide items such as kitchen utensils and bedding, therefore you will need to bring these with you when you move in.

Q. Is the internet installed?

A. We have installed Virgin Media business broadband in our ALL INC properties.

Q. Do you offer a Summer discount?

A. We do offer a summer discount on selected properties. Contact us to find out what we have on offer.

Q. Are all properties furnished?

A. Yes, all properties come furnished including kitchen appliances.

Q. Are there any administration fees?


Fees in lettings process:

Fees you may be liable for during the tenancy.

Parklane do not charge tenancy signing fees or upfront administration fees for letting properties.

In some circumstances, a reasonable charge may be payable to cover actual costs incurred by the landlord or the agency:

1) If the tenant requests the Landlord or Agent to visit the Property because the Tenant has lost any keys/access and cannot get into the property or is otherwise locked there will be a maximum of £35 (inc VAT) or the actual cost of the “out of hours” service invoice payable.

2) To reset any alarm (unless due to the fault of the Landlord or anyone for whom the Landlord is responsible) the Landlord or Agent reserves the right to charge a maximum of £50 or to cover invoice costs of an “out of hours” call out service.

3) If the Tenant requests the Landlord or Agent to re-advertise / re-let the Property (or part thereof) then the Tenant will be liable for the marketing costs, including £15 (inc. VAT) per viewing, £150 (inc VAT) for website/portal marketing costs and £50 (inc. VAT) for administration costs

4) Where the tenant loses or damages a key/access card or fob replacements will be charged at £15 (inc VAT).

5) The Landlord or Agent reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 3% per annum above the base rate of the Bank of England on any rent or other money lawfully due which is in arrears for more than 14 days after the day on which it became due (such interest to be paid both before and after any Court Judgment). Should it become necessary to submit a claim to the County Court, additional charges to cover all preparation and recovery costs and Court fees will be added to the claim.

Q. Do you do credit checks?

A. We do not run credit checks on tenants or potential guarantors - all our assessments for applications are done in house. However, if you cannot provide a guarantor, you can either pay the rent for the year up front, or go through a third party such as UK Guarantor or Housing Hand.

Q. Can I decorate?

A. In properties owned by Rentinc you may be able to decorate, providing you obtain authorisation from the office first.

Q. Can I put a lock on my bedroom door?

A. We understand the need for privacy however locks on doors can create a number of issues. They can be a potential fire hazard and if Rentinc needs to do any maintenance work inside the room we would not have access. In some cases a call out charge will still be charged to the tenant and an additional charge may occur for removing the lock. Another issue is with TV licensing as a locked door creates a separate dwelling which means another TV licence may be required. This can also apply to the Council Tax banding. We may allow an internal lock to be attached (with prior approval from Rentinc) which gives the tenant privacy once in the room.

Q. What happens if I have a maintenance issue with my property?

A. Small repairs and the day to day running of the property are the tenants responsibility, however in certain circumstances you may not be able to solve the problem and therefore we have instructed Hive Property Services to assist with these issues. However you will be charged for any call outs made which fall under the tenants responsibility or which are deemed unnecessary.

Q. What happens if I fall into arrears?

A. We appreciate that sometimes things can get tight however rental payments must be paid on time. If you fall in to arrears you will be charged and all guarantors and other tenants will be informed of the debt. Please refer to your tenancy agreement for details on charges that could be applied. The sooner you let us know of any extenuating circumstances the quicker we can try and work with you.

Q. Can I leave the contract earlier should I want to?

A. You can do, however you and the other tenants will need to find someone to assign over your tenancy. Once a suitable tenant is found they would need to fulfill all the necessary requirements and we would then need to add the new tenant to the contract. The cost of this procedure is £120.00 and is payable by the outgoing tenant.

Q. Can my parents pay for my rent?

A. Anyone can pay your rent on your behalf, however the legal responsibility lies with you.

Q. How can I advertise my property/room if I cannot fulfill my tenancy agreement?

A. You can advertise your property for free by using websites such as Gumtree, Facebook. If you would like Rentinc to re-advertise your room on your behalf the cost is one months rent plus VAT. You can contact a property consultant and they will be able to provide a list of websites.

Q. Who holds my deposit?

A. The Deposit is safeguarded by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, which is administered by: The Dispute Service Ltd. PO Box 541, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 6ZR. Phone: 0845 226 7837 Email: Fax: 01494 431123.

Q. How do I pay the rent?

A. Rent is paid by Direct Debit. Your rent will be paid automatically once this has been set up.

Q. How often do we have to pay rent?

A. The rent is paid in monthly or quarterly installments as per your tenancy agreement.

Q. What do I need to do in order to get my deposit back?

A. For Rentinc to process your bond we need proof of payment of your final bills for Water, Gas, Electric and Council Tax. This proof can come in either the form of either a letter from your supplier explaining that your account is clear or your final bill and a stamp from the post office stating the amount that has been paid. If you are a student then we would need a Council Tax exemption form which can be obtained from Leeds City Council. If you have taken an 'all inclusive property' with us then you will not need to provide proof that the bills have been paid.

Q. How long does my bond take to process and what format does it come in?

A. Your bond can take up to 14 days to process once we have received proof of payment for your final bills. Once the bond has been processed and you have agreed in writing to any deductions it will be returned to you in the form of a BACS payment, please bear in mind that the BACS payment may take up to 5 working days to reach your bank.